To help you understand why I’m so passionate about living life less toxic you’ll need some background. Thirteen years ago we had our second son. He was beautiful, just like our first. We had some health issues that got more complicated as he developed. By the age of 20 months he was diagnosed with autism, motor coordination disorder and had global delays. I started researching, night and day. There is no history of autism or developmental challenges in our family so I was stumped, and so were all the doctors. All of my research showed that he was some how exposed to toxins, and his gut and brain were being poisoned. I left my job and dedicated my time to help my son who was suffering intensely. We saw doctor after doctor around the country, it seemed like they all had their own view of how to help him but nothing did. Every doctor we saw gave him a new label or diagnosis. I’ve changed many things about our lifestyle and learned a ton about diet, our food sources, exposures to harmful chemicals in our environment and in personal care products. I’m here to help educate you and help you on your journey as others have done for me. I want to help empower families to make the changes that will make a difference. We can change the outcome of chronic disease. Now a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Essential Oil Coach, and currently studying functional medicine, I see the interconnectedness of the body and have witnessed healing when an illness may have seemed like a life long sentence.

This Blog is a place for me to share my experiences, have conversations and keep the movement going. Please join me in the healing.