Essential Oils Consult

Essentials oils have changed my life! I would love to help empower you to make the same shift in your life. My essential oil transformation all started about a year ago when I suddenly realized I didn’t need my allergy medicine to control my symptoms. I started to really investigate and learn the science behind it and how they work with the human body, beyond just “smelling good”.  I am excited to have completed a certification program on essential oils coaching, including many body systems and ailments.

Have you been curious about how to use essential oils to support your health and wellness? The possibilities are endless, and can be overwhelming when you are first starting out. Essential oils are powerful substances that can help with everything from relieving symptoms, help to  balance hormones, reduce your toxin exposure, reduce stress, improve sleep, increase energy or focus.  The list goes on and on. I can help you break it down and help get you started. Contact me or fill out this wellness consult to get started today!

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